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“If Shammara Norris could have her way, she'd drive a mobile clinic around Texas and treat every asthma sufferer, adults and children.  It's her heart's desire, "to educate, empower and transform asthmatics to prevail over this serious disease."
--from Rolling Out Magazine, November, 10, 2013


When national percentages are applied, close to 2.1 million of 26.1 million Texans are diagnosed as asthmatics.  Medical expenses related to asthma exceed $4.0 billion at $155 per capita.  A CDC survey showed that 93% of respondents never received a course on how to manage their asthma.  That equates to 1.9 million Texans..

headshotShammara Norris has served as Executive Director and President of Asthma Chasers/Positive Breathing Organization since its inception in 2011.  Under her leadership, the organization has administered over $4.4 million in asthma treatments and provided education to approximately 3,000 adults, children, and health care professionals.  Read more...